Tired of flats and blowouts? Take a look at the MICHELIN® Uptis, a revolutionary puncture-proof tire system designed for passenger vehicles. It significantly reduces the risk of flats and air loss incidents, enhancing automotive safety and reliability.

The Innovation of Uptis


Uptis by Michelin represents a leap in tire technology, using high-tech materials to eliminate the need for air, thus preventing flats and blowouts. A reimagined tire for modern roads.

Benefits of Airless Design


Uptis’s airless design offers unparalleled safety and maintenance-free operation, ideal for autonomous vehicles and large fleets, redefining mobility with its durability and performance.

Michelin and General Motors Partnership


Michelin collaborates with General Motors to mainstream Uptis, aiming to equip vehicles with these airless tires by the mid-2020s, symbolizing a future of enhanced tire safety and efficiency.

Environmental Impact


Uptis leads in sustainability, aiming to drastically cut tire waste. It’s designed to reduce the millions of tires scrapped annually due to air loss and irregular wear.

The Numbers Behind the Impact


Michelin’s research shows Uptis could prevent 200 million tires from being scrapped each year, equivalent to the weight of 200 Eiffel Towers, highlighting its significant environmental benefit.

Why Choose Uptis?


Choosing Uptis means enjoying unmatched safety with nearly zero risk of flats and blowouts, ensuring a safer and more reliable driving experience.

Maintenance and Efficiency


Uptis stands out for its low maintenance, eliminating regular pressure checks and repairs, leading to better vehicle uptime and operational efficiency, especially for fleets.

Economic and Environmental Savings


Uptis is not only cost-effective, reducing tire replacement and maintenance, but also environmentally friendly, decreasing the overall ecological footprint of tire production and waste.

The Future with Uptis


MICHELIN® Uptis is transforming automotive technology, merging reliability, sustainability, and efficiency. As Michelin and GM advance, Uptis is set to redefine the future of transportation.

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  1. I am about to buy my first set of tires for my wife’s 2019 Camry, would it be a good candidate for a set of the new airless tires? I am looking at Michelin CrossClimate2 235 45 18 now.

    1. The Cross Climate 2’s are amazing, just put a set on older Vibe and they transformed the car, go with them!

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