Dipping your toe into the luxury car market? Going used is the golden ticket. Why? Because depreciation is your friend here, offering up high-end rides at prices that won’t shock your budget. From powerhouse sedans to cutting-edge electrics, we’ve lined up 15 luxury vehicles that deliver the prestige and performance you crave, without the brand-new price tag.

2019 Genesis G90

Image Credit: ©Genesis
  • Average price paid: $38,042 – $41,881

The 2019 Genesis G90 offers luxury without the hefty price tag you’d expect. With a choice between 365 to 420 horsepower, it’s got the muscle for quick city drives and smooth highway cruising. Fuel efficiency isn’t its strongest suit, with MPG ranging from 15-17 in the city to 23-24 on the highway, but what it lacks in fuel economy, it makes up for in sheer driving pleasure and comfort. It’s a top pick for those looking for premium features without breaking the bank.

2019 Genesis G70

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  • Average price paid: $33,648 to $43,471

The Genesis G70 is a standout sports sedan that packs up to 365 horsepower under its hood, thanks to a potent twin-turbo V6. It’s praised for its sharp handling and comfortable ride, making it a joy to drive in almost any scenario. This car strikes a perfect balance between performance and daily driving comfort, setting a high standard for what a luxury sports sedan can be. Plus, its attractive price point makes it even more appealing.

2019 Audi A7

Image Credit: ©Audi
  • Average price paid: $36,639 – 39,264

With its sleek design and 335 horsepower, the 2019 Audi A7 is a blend of style, performance, and practicality. Seating five comfortably, it offers a fuel-efficient ride at 22 MPG city and 29 MPG highway. The A7 is perfect for those who want a car that stands out in both looks and performance, without sacrificing the utility of a spacious interior.

2019 BMW X1

Image Credit: ©BMW Group
  • Average price paid: $33,391 to $36,023

BMW’s smallest SUV, the X1, doesn’t skimp on power with 228 horsepower. Available all-wheel drive enhances its versatility, ensuring sharp handling and ample power in various driving conditions. Its compact size makes it easy to maneuver, yet it’s surprisingly spacious inside, offering a balanced mix of performance and practicality.

2019 Audi Q5

Image Credit: VauxfordCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
  • Average price paid: $38,791 to $53,917

The Audi Q5 stands out for its luxurious interior and cutting-edge tech, combined with up to 349 horsepower for a smooth, powerful ride. It’s a top choice for those seeking a blend of technology, comfort, and performance in their luxury SUV. The Q5’s premium feel and capabilities justify its price, making it a solid investment for discerning buyers.

2021 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class

Image Credit: ChanokchonCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
  • Average price paid: $50,811 – $60,509

This beast from Mercedes-Benz marries elegance with power, offering 362 to 429 horsepower for a thrilling drive. Its fuel economy isn’t too shabby either, with 21-23 MPG in the city and 26-30 on the highway. The CLS-Class is all about delivering a high-end driving experience without compromise. It’s spacious, fast, and packed with tech, making every ride a pleasure.

2019 Volvo XC40

Image Credit: BahnfrendCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
  • Average price paid: $35,389 to $40,872

Volvo’s XC40 is a compact SUV that doesn’t cut corners on luxury or power, boasting up to 248 horsepower. It’s designed with a spacious interior and optional all-wheel drive, making it both comfortable and versatile. Ideal for city dwellers seeking a premium feel without the bulk of a full-size SUV, the XC40 offers a smart blend of style, performance, and practicality.

2020 Audi A7

Image Credit: Autobilder GratisCC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
  • Average price paid: $41,150 – $60,275

A step up from its predecessor, the 2020 Audi A7 enhances every aspect of luxury driving with 335 to 444 horsepower. Fuel efficiency remains impressive at 18-22 MPG city and 28-29 highway, ensuring that power doesn’t come at the expense of practicality. Seating five comfortably, the A7 combines the heart of a sports car with the soul of a luxury cruiser.

2019 BMW 2 Series

Image Credit: ©BMW Group
  • Average price paid: $31,306 to $59,497

BMW’s 2 Series is the go-to for those who love a car that’s both fun and agile. Its top powertrain churns out 405 horsepower, with the option to switch from rear- to all-wheel drive. This car is all about enjoying the drive, offering a compact size that’s perfect for zipping through traffic and easy parking. It’s powerful, small, and incredibly lively on the road.

2020 Porsche Taycan

Image Credit: VauxfordCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
  • Average price paid: $119,876 to $181,256

Porsche’s first electric car, the Taycan, breaks the mold with up to 750 horsepower. It’s not just fast; it’s futuristic, offering a range of up to 203 miles. The Taycan represents a new era for sports car enthusiasts who are ready to go electric without sacrificing the thrill of driving. It’s a game-changer in the world of luxury electric vehicles.

2019 Kia K900

Image Credit: ©Kia
  • Average price paid: $31,923

The Kia K900 offers an unexpected luxury experience with 365 horsepower and a focus on comfort. Its ride is calm, and handling is smooth, providing a serene driving experience. With an average price that undercuts many competitors, the K900 proves that luxury and value can coexist, making it a smart choice for buyers looking for a premium ride without the premium price tag.

2021 Genesis G90

Image Credit: ©Genesis
  • Average price paid: $48,508 – $52,663

The 2021 Genesis G90 ups the ante with 365 to 420 horsepower and a focus on passenger comfort. It’s spacious and luxurious, making every trip a first-class experience. With MPG ratings of 16-17 city and 23-24 highway, it’s not the most fuel-efficient, but it compensates with its comfort and driving dynamics. The G90 is for those who want their car to be a haven of peace and power.

2020 Genesis G90

Image Credit: ©Genesis
  • Average price paid: $47,109 – $51,024

Similar to its newer model, the 2020 Genesis G90 offers luxury at a more palatable price point. With horsepower ranging from 365 to 420 and options for RWD or AWD, it’s versatile and powerful. Its fuel economy mirrors the luxury sedan norm, but its ride quality and spacious interior place it among the top choices for luxury car buyers.

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