We all know America loves their trucks. It’s also pretty common to hear about drivers keeping a gun in their ride, especially here in the great land of Texas. Of course, these “truck guns,” aren’t just for trucks. They can be in any car. Let’s take a look at what a truck gun actually is.

Choice and Utility of Truck Guns

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to selecting the appropriate truck gun. It could range from shotguns and carbine rifles to handguns. Many opt for more affordable firearms due to the risk of theft. The idea is not to invest heavily in something that might get stolen, yet have a reliable means of defense accessible if needed.

My husband and I, personally, prefer handguns that are easy to maneuver and store away.

Security Concerns and Theft

One of the major risks associated with keeping a gun in a vehicle is theft. Data from Everytown Research & Policy suggests a firearm is stolen from a vehicle every nine minutes in the U.S. While this figure may vary, the threat of theft is real and problematic, contributing to the illegal circulation of firearms and increasing the incidence of crimes. So, how do we prevent this while also ensuring we are protected?

Considering the risks, the safest approach is not to leave a firearm unattended in a parked vehicle. Instead, transporting it between the home and the vehicle in a secure container, such as a locked bag or safe, is advisable. This method ensures the firearm is not easily accessible to thieves after a quick break-in.

It’s also wise to refrain from advertising the presence of firearms on your vehicle with decals or stickers to avoid drawing attention from criminals.

Practical Scenario: When Safety Meets Necessity

In practical terms, having a truck gun can be seen as a reasonable precaution, particularly for women who might find themselves stranded in remote areas due to a vehicle breakdown. In such scenarios, a firearm can provide a significant sense of security. However, this also necessitates rigorous adherence to safety protocols to prevent accidental discharges or other mishaps. Ensuring the firearm is stored in a secure, inaccessible manner while driving or when left alone in the vehicle is crucial.

So, what are your thoughts on ‘truck guns’? Do you think they as necessary as some of us believe they are?

Author: Abbie Clark

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Abbie Clark is a writer, blog, and founder of RideRambler, Hey She Thrives, and The Bearded Bunch.

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