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Madison Cates – Author and Co-owner of RideRambler

Madison’s love for cars and the automotive world began at a young age, growing up with a dad who shared his passion for automobiles. Surrounded by the energy of eight younger brothers, her destiny was set in the car world. But Madison had another love – writing. She found a way to blend her car knowledge with her passion for words and embarked on a career as an automotive journalist.

Her journey in the automotive industry led her to write for some of the biggest names in the car world. However, her story took an exciting turn when she decided to venture out on her own. Fueled by her deep-rooted passion for cars and a desire to provide insightful and engaging content, Madison decided to create her own car brand.

Abbie Clark – Co-owner of RideRambler

Abbie’s journey into the automotive world was somewhat unexpected. After marrying Madison’s younger brother, she found herself thrust into the dynamic and fast-paced world of cars right after college. Little did she know that this adventure would lead to a remarkable career.

Much like Madison, Abbie shared a kindred spirit for writing. She joined Madison on her auto writing endeavors and quickly gained valuable experience from working with prominent names in the industry. Abbie’s unique perspective and passion for storytelling made her the perfect partner to co-own Ride Rambler.

Together, Madison and Abbie bring a wealth of knowledge, a love for cars, and a dedication to providing readers with engaging and informative content in the automotive world.

Their combined experiences, passion for writing, and genuine enthusiasm for cars make Ride Rambler a one-of-a-kind destination for automotive enthusiasts and anyone looking to explore the fascinating world of automobiles.