Ever look at your car and think it deserves a name that’s as great (or not-so-great) as it is? From the beat-up old trucks to the shiny new sports cars, every ride’s got a personality, and it’s high time we gave them names to match. We’ve got a few good ones for you that we’re pretty sure you’ll appreciate.

Ol’ Nasty

Image Credit: aitcheyedigital/Getty Images/Canva Pro

This car has character. It might be a bit rough around the edges, but it’s got personality and charm.

The Horse


This is the trusty steed of cars. It’s reliable, strong, and always gets you where you need to go.

Party Wagon

Image Credit: Ablestock.com/Photo Images/Canva Pro

This car is the life of the party. It’s perfect for road trips with friends, nights out, and any time you want to have a good time.


Image Credit: Maksymowicz/Getty Images/Canva Pro

Just like the TV character, this car can handle anything. It’s basically the Swiss Army knife of cars.

Gas Guzzler Supreme

Image Credit: KCKATE/Jookiko/Canva Pro

This car’s got a thirst that just can’t be quenched. You’re basically on a first-name basis with the folks at the gas station.


Image Credit: RichLegg/Getty Images Signature/Canva Pro

Tough and unyielding, this car is a true fighter. It can take a beating and keep on going.

The Snail

Image Credit: aleksandrkondratov/Canva Pro

Forget about racing – this car’s all about taking it slow and steady. It might get you there eventually, just don’t be in a hurry.


Image Credit: EmilHuston/Getty Images Pro/Canva Pro

She’s a classic beauty. Elegant, graceful, and timeless.


Image Credit: Isaac Taylor/Pexels/Canva Pro

Polly’s peppy and fun. She’s small, zippy, and great for weaving through traffic.

Lil Mama

Image Credit: Mike Bird/Pexels/Canva Pro

Mama’s the car that takes care of everything. It’s reliable and always there when you need it.

Big Daddy

Image Credit: Deyan Georgiev/Canva Pro

Big, bold, and in charge, Big Daddy is a vehicle that owns the road.


Image Credit: Michal Collection/Canva Pro

For that fiery red sports car that turns heads every time you hit the gas. It’s fast, it’s fierce, and it’s got attitude.


Image Credit: sierrarat/Getty Images Signature/Canva Pro

This one’s for a powerful, muscle car. It’s the kind of car that rumbles and roars, making its presence known.

The Squeaker

Image Credit: FotografiaBasica/Getty Images Signature/Canva Pro

Every turn, every bump, it’s got a squeak or rattle. It’s like driving a one-car band down the road.

Sir Breaks-a-Lot

Image Credit: Изображения пользователя Yauhen Akulich/Canva Pro

This car’s in the shop more than it’s on the road. But hey, you’ve got to love a car with a little… personality.

Dent Magnet

Image Credit: Khosro/Canva Pro

This car seems to attract dents and dings like it’s its job. Park it in a lot, and it’s like a magnet for trouble.


Image Credit: rachelclairephotos/Canva Pro

Ideal for a car often seen cruising near the beach. It’s got that ocean vibe and a love for the surf.


Image Credit: JCImagen/Getty Images/Canva Pro

For a car that’s both swift and graceful. It glides on the road like a mythical creature, elegant and powerful.


Canva Pro: tl/Star Team/Canva Pro

Ideal for a car with an unconventional style. It breaks the mold and makes its own rules.


Image Credit: avid_creative/Getty Images Signature/Canva Pro

Ideal for a car built for exploring the great outdoors. It’s rugged, it’s tough, and it’s ready for any adventure.


Image Credit: Joshua Köller/Pexels/Canva Pro

Perfect for a car that’s smooth and easygoing on the road. It’s laid-back, relaxed, and just goes with the flow.

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