You have to choose the right battery if you want your vehicle to run smoothly and reliably. But how do you pick the right one when there are so many options?

Well, we’re here to tell you which ones you should NEVER willingly choose. We’re shining a spotlight on 16 car batteries that have fallen short, and why we believe they might not be the best pick for your car.

LifePo4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

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LifePo4 Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, while resembling traditional car batteries, are not intended for use in standard internal combustion engine vehicles.

Their chemical composition makes them unsuitable, especially for cranking engines in colder climates where more power is required. These batteries are instead tailored for electric vehicles or marine applications, like trolling motors, where the demand for prolonged cranking is minimal.

Consumers should be cautious of the “lithium iron phosphate” label to avoid mistakenly purchasing these batteries for conventional cars, as they are not designed to fulfill such requirements.


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PowerPro batteries, often found in online and discount stores, have been criticized for their lack of durability and overall quality. Users frequently encounter problems like early failure, charging difficulties, and poor performance relative to competitors.

Although they are affordable and widely accessible, PowerPro has not provided the consistent quality expected by consumers, resulting in dissatisfaction and positioning them unfavorably in the car battery market.

Duracell Automotive

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Duracell, a leader in the consumer battery sector, has seen its automotive batteries fall short in performance and durability. Reports of premature failure, charging issues, and unreliability are common among users.

Despite its strong reputation in other battery types, Duracell’s venture into automotive batteries has not lived up to consumer expectations, leading to its classification among the less reliable car battery brands.

NAPA Batteries

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NAPA batteries, accessible at NAPA stores, have encountered problems like early failure and diminishing performance. Marketed as dependable, they often fail to hold a charge and exhibit poor reliability, contradicting the brand’s promise.

This inconsistency has led to consumer disappointment, undermining NAPA’s reputation as a reliable battery source and placing it among the less recommended brands for automotive batteries.

Power Sonic

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Power Sonic batteries, while popular in motorcycles and power sports, have faced criticism when used in automobiles. Consumers often report premature failure, charging issues, and substandard performance, marking a discrepancy between their reputation in specialized applications and their automotive use.

This inconsistency has tarnished their image, placing Power Sonic among the less reliable car battery brands. Their failure to consistently satisfy automotive standards reflects the need for improvement in quality and reliability to match the expectations of car owners.

Mighty Max Battery

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Mighty Max Battery, known for its broad selection, has encountered criticism for early failure and variable performance in cars. Although some customers report satisfactory experiences, many others face problems like charging difficulties and unreliable performance.

Despite offering a wide range of products, Mighty Max has not consistently delivered the expected level of quality, leading to customer wariness.

Kirkland Signature (Costco)

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Kirkland Signature car batteries, available at Costco, have garnered mixed feedback. Some customers praise their performance and reliability, while others cite premature failure and lackluster performance as significant drawbacks.

Although Kirkland Signature is associated with a well-known retailer, the batteries have not uniformly met consumer expectations.

Braille Battery

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Braille Battery, known for high-performance batteries, has encountered criticism regarding their durability and longevity, especially in automotive contexts. Designed primarily for racing and high-performance vehicles, they have nonetheless been plagued by reports of premature failure and unreliable performance.

Despite their specialized focus, Braille Battery has not consistently offered the expected level of quality, disappointing many users.


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ACDelco, recognized for its OEM parts, has encountered criticism regarding the reliability and longevity of its batteries. Consumers often face issues like early failure and challenges in maintaining a charge, resulting in subpar performance. Although ACDelco is associated with reputable vehicle manufacturers, its batteries have not consistently met user expectations.


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Bosch is esteemed for its high-quality automotive components, yet its car batteries have not lived up to this standard. Reports of premature failure, charging difficulties, and unsatisfactory performance are common among users. This inconsistency undermines the trusted Bosch name, causing frustration and disappointment.

The lack of dependable quality in Bosch batteries has tarnished their image, positioning them unfavorably in the competitive car battery market. The brand faces challenges in maintaining the trust and satisfaction of its customer base, reflecting its current standing as a less reliable battery provider.


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Duralast batteries, available at major outlets like AutoZone, have encountered scrutiny for not being as reliable or long-lasting as advertised. Customers often face problems like early failure and the inability to sustain a charge, detracting from their overall performance.

Duralast’s reputation is marred by these performance issues, making them a less preferred choice for consumers looking for long-term reliability.


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Sold by Advance Auto Parts, AutoCraft batteries exhibit varying levels of satisfaction among consumers. While there are instances of satisfactory performance and dependability, there are equally numerous complaints regarding early failures and charging issues. This inconsistency has marred the brand’s reputation, casting doubt on its reliability.

Despite being competitively priced and widely available, the fluctuating quality of AutoCraft batteries has led to customer wariness and contributed to their ranking as one of the less reliable car battery options on the market.


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EverStart batteries have faced criticism due to their shorter lifespan and inconsistent performance. They are widely available and priced affordably, yet many users report problems like premature failure and difficulties in maintaining a charge.

The low cost may seem attractive initially, but the frequent replacements and the risk of sudden failures detract from their value. Consequently, EverStart is often cited as a less desirable choice for car batteries, marked by its poor reliability and the inconvenience it can cause to users.

DieHard Advanced Gold 50748

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While DieHard has a range of reliable batteries, the Advanced Gold 50748 model falls short of expectations. Despite its reputable brand name, this particular battery has been known to fail prematurely, as evidenced by instances where it ceased functioning within weeks of purchase.

Interstate Batteries

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Interstate Batteries, known for their wide availability, have encountered criticism for varying performance and durability. Some customers report satisfactory experiences, yet many others face premature failures, charging issues, and general unreliability.

This inconsistency has marred the brand’s reputation, leading to disappointment and positioning Interstate as one of the less dependable car battery brands on the market.


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Optima batteries, once acclaimed for their design and performance, have experienced a decline in quality. Frequent reports of early failures, charging problems, and diminished reliability, particularly following the shift of their production to Mexico, have tarnished their reputation.

What was once a top-tier battery brand is now often cited as one to avoid due to the noticeable drop in quality and reliability, disappointing many who had trusted in their former excellence.

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